Staff Directory

Office of the Associate Vice President

List of People
Laura Cruickshank, FAIAAVP, Master Planner and Chief Architect 486-1656
Maria GrozaFacilities and Space Planner 486-6117
Rosemary MarcellinoExecutive Assistant 486-1656
Heather SchlinkBusiness Manager 486-0332
Helen MoralesAdministrative Service Specialist 486-3241

Site Planning & Landscape Architecture

List of People
Sean Vasington PLA, ASLAAssociate Director & University Landscape Architect 486-5865
Dwayne CunninghamCAD Drafter 486-8756
Ian DannLandscape Architect 486-6503
Eileen MchughLandscape Architect 486-1397

Accelerated Projects

List of People
Richard VollaroDirector of Accelerated Projects 486-6426
Charles BromeSenior Project Manager 486-7102
Scott GalloSenior Project Manager 486-3185

Design & STEM Projects

List of People
Michael SchrierDirector of Design and STEM Projects 486-3236
Kristin WirtanenAssistant Director of Capital Budget Planning 486-5877
Antoaneta FedelesLicensed Architect/Professional Engineer (Architectural) 486-8902
Thomas HaskellSenior Project Manager 486-8471
John RobitailleSenior Project Manager 486-5930
Sandra Shea-crabbLicensed Architect/Professional Engineer (Architectural) 486-0944

Project and Program Management

List of People
Brian GoreDirector of Project and Program Management 486-5759
Louis GaedtConstruction Engineer 486-1795
Stefanie GannonProgram Administrator 486-5870
Katherine ViveirosSenior Project Manager 486-5981
John WarnerSenior Project Manager 486-3682

Regional & Development Projects

List of People
Robert CorbettDirector of Regional Projects and Development 486-7149
Sallyann BeaudetSenior Project Manager 486-5755
Roger GleasonConstruction Engineer 486-3064
James LibbyLicensed Architect/Professional Engineer (Architectural) 486-8879
Linda RoyAdministrative Assistant 486-8178
Colleen SchuhQuality Control & Compliance Specialist 486-8188