Northwest Science Quad


In 2015 the University of Connecticut completed their Master Plan which set forth planning principles to guide future development on campus. Comprehensive in scope, the master plan uniquely uses the landscape itself to provide the organizing structure for campus growth and modernization on over the next 20 years.  Spurred by its Next Generation Connecticut initiative, the State of Connecticut is to invest $1.54 billion in campus development in the next ten years focusing on supporting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The Northwest Science Quad, which is the focus of this report, is integral to the North Eagleville Science District and the University’s commitment to STEM.

This district is one of the primary components of the master plan but is also the future site of the first project (Science 1) to be funded by the NextGenCT initiative.  As the master plan set forth general principles rather than being prescriptive, this site assessment will guide the development in a more directed way as it provides the opportunity to delve more deeply into the intrinsic physical aspects of the site where the master plan could not. These site features generate the parameters that assist in the determination of the building capacity of the site but then also support a landscape framework that improves the pedestrian experience and more fully integrates the future development into the science core and the campus.


NW Science Quad Assessment and Development Plan