Our Team

Office of the Associate Vice President

List of People
Laura Cruickshank, FAIAAVP, Master Planner and Chief Architect
laura.cruickshank@uconn.edu(860) 486‑1656
Michael MakuchConstruction Engineer
michael.makuch@uconn.edu(860) 486‑2776
Rosemary MarcellinoExecutive Assistant
rosemary.marcellino@uconn.edu(860) 486‑1656

Regional & Development Projects

List of People
Robert CorbettExecutive Director & Director of Real Estate and Regional Projects
robert.corbett@uconn.edu(860) 486‑7149
Kord BakerSenior Project Manager - Construction Engineer
Sallyann BeaudetSenior Project Manager-Special Payroll
sallyann.beaudet@uconn.edu(860) 486‑5755
Christine ChipmanSenior Contract Specialist-Special Payroll
christine.chipman@uconn.edu(860) 486‑
Stefanie GannonAssistant Project Manager
stefanie.gannon@uconn.edu(860) 486‑5870
James Libby, AIA, LEED AP, NCARBLicensed Architect
james.libby@uconn.edu(860) 486‑8879
Colleen SchuhQuality Assurance and Compliance
colleen.schuh@uconn.edu(860) 486‑8188
Robert SitkowskiAssociate Director of Real Estate
robert.sitkowski@uconn.edu(860) 486‑3396
Ian Dann, PLA, SITES AP, ASLASenior Project Manager & Landscape Architect
ian.dann@uconn.edu(860) 486‑6503

Design & STEM Projects

List of People
Michael Schrier, AIA, MBA, LEED Green AssociateStorrs Campus Architect and Director of Design and STEM Projects
michael.schrier@uconn.edu(860) 486‑3236
Kristin WirtanenAssistant Director of Capital Budget Planning
kristin.wirtanen@uconn.edu(860) 486‑5877
Antoaneta Fedeles, AIA, LEED AP, CPMLicensed Architect
antoaneta.fedeles@uconn.edu(860) 486‑8902
Thomas Haskell, AIA, LEED APLicensed Architect
thomas.haskell@uconn.edu(860) 486‑8471
John Robitaille, AIA, CSILicensed Architect
john.robitaille@uconn.edu(860) 486‑5930
Heather SchlinkAssistant Project Manager
heather.schlink@uconn.edu(860) 486‑0332
Sandra Shea-Crabb, AIALicensed Architect
sandra.shea-crabb@uconn.edu(860) 486‑0944
Katherine ViveirosSenior Project Manager
katherine.viveiros@uconn.edu(860) 486‑5981

Site Planning & Landscape Architecture

List of People
Sean Vasington PLA, ASLADirector, University Landscape Architect
sean.vasington@uconn.edu(860) 486‑5865
Eileen McHugh, PLA, LEED APLandscape Architect & Tree Warden
eileen.mchugh@uconn.edu(860) 486‑1397

Space Planning & Management

List of People
Maria Groza, M.S.Assistant Director of Space Planning
maria.groza@uconn.edu(860) 486‑6117
Linda RoySpace Management Specialist
linda.roy@uconn.edu(860) 486‑8178
Dwayne CunninghamSpace Inventory Coordinator
dwayne.cunningham@uconn.edu(860) 486‑8756

Accelerated Projects

List of People
Richard Vollaro, P.E.Director of Accelerated Projects
richard.vollaro@uconn.edu(860) 486‑6426
Scott GalloSenior Project Manager
scott.gallo@uconn.edu(860) 486‑3185