Athletic Development District

In Planning
Athletics District Development

Long-awaited improvements to a portion of the Athletics District are currently in planning & design to replace beloved but outdated facilities with new stadia for our Division I soccer, baseball and softball programs.

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Science q

In Design
STEM Research Center 1

STEM Research Center 1, also known as Science 1, is the first academic building conceived for the planned Northwest Science Quad – a 22-acre parcel of land within a 5-minute walk of the campus core consisting primarily of surface parking.

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Student Recreation Center

In Construction
Student Recreation Center

Construction is well underway for the new three-story 191,000 square foot student recreation center slated to open in July 2019. Programming started in October 2015 with considerable input from students, staff and the Student Advisory Committee.

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UConn Today

  1. Aug 3 TRUTH 20/20 Conference12:00am
  2. Aug 3 UConn School of Engineering Professional Education Webinar9:00am
  3. Aug 3 RNA-Seq Analysis (Non-Model)9:00am
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