Month: May 2017

Evaluating the University of Connecticut Historic District

The University’s Campus Master Plan 2015-2035 (May 2015) includes a high-level summary of historic districts on the University of Connecticut, Storrs Campus. Appendix E of the Master Plan (Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse Plan) includes plan diagrams of building locations, summary assessments of condition, and recommendations on what to retain, renovate, or replace over the next 20 years. It is intended to assist the University with mitigation opportunities as well as potential revisions to the University of Connecticut Historic District boundary.

To implement the Master Plan over the next 20 years, numerous buildings, houses, and other resources that contribute to the Historic District may need to be documented, renovated, or even replaced. The purpose of this supplementary document (available here) is to enhance and update the Master Plan with additional guidelines and strategies for contributing resources, including both buildings and landscapes with historic importance. It focuses on documenting areas on the main campus within the University of Connecticut Historic District; however, the process and evaluation method may also apply to other University properties in the future.