Month: October 2018

Construction Season Ending, New Traffic Patterns Established


With many projects completing their respective construction activities before winter sets in, a few traffic patterns have changed for the remainder of the fall semester, and beyond.

Jim Calhoun Way between Alumni Drive and I Lot at Freitas Ice Forum is now closed.  This closure will be in place until Summer 2020 for completion of additional infrastructure upgrades for the southwest area of campus and development of new athletic facilities.

I Lot will remain accessible from Separatist Road and the remainder of Jim Calhoun Way may be accessed from Alumni Drive or Hillside Road.  Buses, special event and game traffic will be permitted through Hilltop Apartments when necessary.

Also, with construction substantially completed along North Eagleville Road, left turns onto Glenbrook Road have been re-established for inbound traffic.  Outbound traffic on North Eagleville Road will stop and yield to oncoming inbound traffic turning left onto Glenbrook Road.

Please plan accordingly for travel delays related to these and other areas of campus as shown and outlined in this presentation.  Construction sites and traffic patterns are subject to change however updates will be announced when significant.

We thank you for your patience and appreciate your understanding while we work to improve our campus facilities.

For more information, please contact Sean Vasington at