Summer Construction Update #2 | May 2019

As the academic year comes to an end and UConn enters its 2019 summer construction season, the Office of University Planning, Design & Construction, Facilities Operations and other key departments continue to coordinate efforts and identify areas of campus where improvements will be made to our buildings, infrastructure and grounds.

Due to logistics and activities associated with those improvements, traffic patterns in the following districts will be directly impacted:

NORTH CAMPUS: Auditorium Road & Extension Closed August 2019 through Fall 2020

  • No thru traffic between North Eagleville Road and Jorgensen Road
  • Temporary closure in late April and again in June or July for up to 4-5 days (TBA)

ATHLETICS DISTRICT: Portion of Jim Calhoun Way Closed Now through Summer 2020

  • Closed between Freitas Ice Forum and Alumni Drive – No thru traffic from Separatist Road to Hillside Road
  • Access to Lot I via Separatist Road
  • Bus, special event & game traffic routing through Hilltop Apartments when necessary

ATHLETICS DISTRICT: Intersection of Jim Calhoun Way & Alumni Drive Closed 2-3 Weeks in May

  • Detours at Lot D and Basketball Champions Center, beginning May 14th

ATHLETICS DISTRICT: Portion of Alumni Drive Alternating Direction for 2-3 Weeks in May

  • Between Jim Calhoun Way and Husky Circle, beginning May 14th

EAST CAMPUS: Portion of Horsebarn Hill Road Extension Closed throughout Summer

  • No thru traffic between CT-195 and Horsebarn Hill, beginning May 13th

CORE CAMPUS: Portion of Hillside Road Alternating Direction throughout Summer

  • Intermittent delays between Jim Calhoun Way and Fairfield Way, beginning May 14th
  • Intermittent delays between West Campus Residence Halls and Fairfield Way, beginning in June (TBA)

SOUTH CAMPUS: Coventry Road & Maple Lane Closed throughout Summer

  • No thru traffic between Mansfield Road and Bolton Road, beginning May 13th
  • Access to Lot S from Bolton Road via Alethia Drive – Follow signs

Project names, locations and anticipated schedules, as well as additional information on these and other campus roads, are shown on these maps.  Construction sites and traffic patterns are subject to change however updates will be published monthly, or more regularly when the significance of those changes warrant.

We thank you for your patience and appreciate your understanding while we work to improve our campus facilities.

For more information, please contact Sean Vasington at